Amanda Winterhalter

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Amanda Winterhalter

A life between grey coastlines and ragged mountains gave Amanda Winterhalter a scope for the gothic Americana music she creates with her Seattle-based band. Joined by Geoff Larson on upright bass, Nick Drozdowicz on electric guitar, and Rick Weber on drums, the band showcases an arcing sound that may unfold and lift as lightly as a sheet in one song, or drive and build to a frenetic fuzz on another. With their multi-genre backgrounds in jazz, folk, country, gospel, blues, and rock, they infuse Winterhalter’s songs with a broad palette of styles that forms a cohesive grit and tenderness.

Winterhalter’s voice remains the centerpiece of the sound. With her straightforward lyrics and the multi-faceted edge in her tone, she voices, as one listener put it, “the ache of America.” Celebrated northwest folk artist David Maloney noted, “to hear that depth from one so young is truly moving. [Her] voice not only soars but I also love the tender, more vulnerable sound along the way.” Jon Rooney and Zach Warnes for Ball of Wax noted Winterhalter’s considerable range and refreshing approach from lyrics to production. Northwest Music Scene wrote, “get ready to add another name to the list of super talented female singers in Seattle . . . upon first listen we were hooked on her delicate yet powerful vocals . . . the fantastic backing band she’s assembled has the uncanny ability to seemingly read her mind, creating the perfect foundation to let her voice be heard.”

Since the release of her debut album, Olea, the band is hard at work on a sophomore album set to release in fall 2019. At the same time, Winterhalter is spearheading an collaborative anthology project of songs inspired by true stories of death in the Pacific Northwest.

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